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perfume miniatures

¿what is lecitofilia?

Lecithophilia is the term used to designate the collection of perfume miniatures.

The name refers to “Lecito”, a small jug used in Ancient Greece that contained scented body oils.

Perfume miniatures were born as a form of promotion that were offered free as samples in perfume shops to make new fragrances known. It is currently a product that has also become a commercial format.

mini perfumes where to buy

One option is to take advantage of the perfume promotions in which the miniature is given with the purchase of the commercial sizes. However, in this way, we will fill our dressing table with perfumes that do not convince us in addition to the high cost involved.

There are currently perfumeries that sell perfume miniatures, although the best option is to use specialized online stores that offer a wide variety and in which it is easy to make a price comparison.


miniature collecting specialized fairs

It is the fairs of collecting miniatures of perfume we will find an infinity of proposals offered by the professionals that will present the new fragances and can advise us on the best way to expand our collection.

We invite our clients to participate in the International Meeting of Perfume Collectors that we have organized in Mercantic- Sant Cugat del Vallés in Spain for more than 15 years and that brings together hundreds of collectors. The perfect occasion to acquire and exchange miniatures and meet other people who share this hobby.

miniatureshow to collect

From our first acquisitions, to form a collection of perfume miniatures it is important that the set is consistent and that we enjoy admiring and teaching it.

With this project we will discover the immense variety of the world of mini perfumes in terms of shapes, fragrances, stories and oddities.

Currently worldwide there are about 30.000 models of different miniatures which makes it an impossible collection to complete.

For this reason it is important to limit it following parameters according to our choice such as brand, nationality, antiquity, themes such as created by designers, sizes, antiquity, original forms among others.

perfect your conservation

For the perfect preservation of the perfume miniatures it is necessary to keep them away from strong light and heat sources. Moisture also damages the labels and paper of the boxes.

Another factor is to open them as little as possible. When we open the cap we can deform it and the entry of air into the bottle can alter the fragrance. If we keep them in the right conditions, their original properties are preserved for many years.

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